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"A mind that is stretched by a new experience

can never go back to its old dimensions."

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

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I help women create lives of significance and impact
by growing self-love, empowerment, and leadership.

Self-love is the foundational value that undergirds our senses of esteem, acceptance, and efficacy. Without this core value, we circumscribe our own potential for fulfillment, wellbeing, and satisfaction. We have all heard the truisms about filling one's cup before giving to others, and we know the air safety analogy for putting on your oxygen mask in an emergency before assisting others. But are self-love and prioritizing oneself really possible? How do we clear the noise of modern living to truly create space for ourselves? For our own development and expression?


Empowerment grows out of self-love. Empowerment is the value that seeks expansion and fuller expression in our own lives. Through the application of our own empowerment we create impact in the lives of others. Impact through engaging with others is how we create significance, fulfillment, and satisfaction in our lives.

Leadership is one of the more misunderstood values because it is frequently conflated with positional power and formal titles. Yet leadership is an inherent tendency to nurture, support, and assist those we love and care for. We all exhibit leadership in the circles of influence we engage with (family, friendships, working relationships, communities), and desire for greater impact is simply a desire to deepen or expand one's leadership.

"Everything you've ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear! "
 ~ George Addair




Individual Coaching

Coaching is a creative partnership in which we cultivate a plan for growing your beliefs about your own potential. We create actionable plans for building and extending your impact and significance as you define it!


Courses & Workshops

Courses & workshops are custom designed opportunities for you to engage in live and asynchronous content. These are ideal for the first steps of your journey into self-reflection and self-knowledge to identify growth areas and goals.


Team Coaching & Facilitation

Team or group support is designed to build relationships that are vital, healthy, and effective for professionals who are tasked with collaborative work. Development of teaming skills can revolutionize effectiveness and efficiency to create impact!

Meet Renea Bartlett

Proud Mommy.

International education leader,

coach, and writer.

Global citizen.

Avid reader.

Lover of art, design, photography,

folklore, and folk craft.



children's author.

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