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My Favorite Success Secret: The Mastermind Group

In the past two years, I have been laser-focused on achieving a certain set of goals, and as I wrote in my children's book published in June, we each are the architect of our lives. But that certainly doesn't mean that we do anything alone. There is a lot of emphasis lately on self-reliance and one of my favorite books, Playing Big (Mohr) talks about the importance of listening to one's inner mentor.

While I've entertained these perspectives, particularly so in the last year, I keep coming back to the secret of my success; the people I surround myself with are indispensable to my process and the results. My mentor Bob Proctor taught that by surrounding ourselves with others who are also goal-oriented, we rise individually and collectively. He was fond of saying,

"The combined intelligence of the Mastermind creates a wisdom far beyond my own."

That statement is even written into a set of principles to guide Mastermind group discussions. It is important to be mindful of surrounding yourself with those who support you in all aspects of your life. I'm grateful to have amazing family, friends, and colleagues. I've been intentional in crafting a support network. These are all essential tools, but a Mastermind group is altogether different. The purpose of the Mastermind is to meet regularly with others who have the intention to change their lives and are willing to put in the work to do it.

My group has been meeting for about eighteen months and have guided each other through monumental change, important life events, highs and lows, and new learning. We met through a social media group focused on personal development and have as common threads two main things: (1) the desire to make major life changes, and (2) the English language so we can communicate.

Other than that we represent four nationalities, live on three continents, work in entirely different fields, and have distinct goals with little overlap. It's incredible, though, to come together each week, and learn with and from each other. It is a highlight of my week, and I think we even surprise each other sometimes with the insight and wisdom that is generated in that virtual space. We don't know each others' friends or families; but we do know each other deeply and have an expectation of confidentiality, respect, and collective and individual growth.

That's the secret to my success: a reliable Mastermind group that supports and encourages me, and challenges me in new ways regularly. We learn from each other, commiserate when necessary, but also pull each other out of lament or frustration to move forward together. If you want to know more about how to create such a group and lead it, let me know. Masterminds are a secret sauce I don't mind sharing!

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