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Weekend Reads: Playing Big

Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

Sometimes you happen upon a book and it turns out to be no less than life changing. For me, Playing Big by Tara Mohr is that book. I read it through once, returned to it immediately to walk through the exercises, and have it highlighted and earmarked for quick reference. Unfortunately, I can't recall how I stumbled upon the title and don't know who to thank for pointing me in that direction. But I'm glad I did find Playing Big and I say, without hyperbole, that. . .

if there is only one book you you can make time for in the next quarter,

then Playing Big must be the one!

Mohr is an accessible author and experienced life coach; she uses years of experience with and research about women to explore the ways in which we limit ourselves, or "play small" as she terms it, and shares how we can move into playing big in every aspect of our lives.

The book provides clear explanations, concrete exercises, and compassionate understanding balanced with a kick in the pants. Mohr explains the concepts of inner critic and inner mentor in a relatable way, and provides the tools to define and utilize those influences in our own lives. Readers learn to work with and beyond the inner critic, and to invigorate the power of the inner mentor.

Frankly, I am reluctant to say more because I think every woman should have her own interaction with the text with minimal outside influence. I will say that if you are interested in tackling a goal that you've been putting off, whether it be personal or professional, then Playing Big will ignite or reignite your enthusiasm for the endeavor.


"Playing Big is being more loyal to your dreams

than your fears." ~ Tara Mohr


Playing Big is available at Amazon via the link below. With the Kindle purchase, Tara Mohr provides access to important free resources at her website including the Inner Mentor Visualization.

Disclaimer: While Leading Ladies is an Amazon Affiliate and earns minimal (cents) referral fees for linked purchases, Leading Ladies has no paid relationship with Tara Mohr.

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