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Beautifully written and gorgeously illustrated with traditional papercraft, Architect of Dreams is an inspirational book for young readers, encouraging them to learn the timeless principle of the power of imagination, and the importance of believing in one's own capabilities. This beautiful picture book will act as a guide for the readers to believe in themselves and team up with others who also recognize and embrace the power of the imagination! Renea Bartlett's vision is to motivate us all to imagine creative ways to become powerful architects of our dreams, and hence, our lives.




“Renea has done an absolutely amazing job allowing kids to see their dreams as something they can bring to life. Her book also makes it clear that there will be ups and downs, supporters, and doubters, but holding onto your dream and believing it can, and will, come true is all that matters in the end. A great book that I highly recommend for all the dreamers out there.”

~ Scott Feld, Partner, Author, and Speaker

Architect of Dreams

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